A very high quality paint product stocked in all the finishes and mixable to their incredible colours. Gloss, eggshell, emulsion, twelve times tougher emulsion, masonry and specialist products like distemper, white wash and lead paint.

Little Greene paint has recently found popularity in the quality magazine press and deservedly so. The colour range is both sophisticated and attractive, and the paint quality is unmatched. Many of the colours are based on naturally occurring compounds and their complex pigments create the interesting colours and shades of this special paint.


We keep all the Little Greene paint bases in stock in reasonably large quantities and can generally mix them for you while you wait.


The misconception is that it must therefore be expensive. On the contrary Little Greene paint is very competitively priced and within most peoples budget. In addition to this the coverage is so good that it may turn out to be cheaper than several coats of a cheaper paint.


Little Greene paint company pride themselves in their eco environmental friendly ethos. The paints are made in their own factories using only the finest, organic and safe-synthetic pigments and are designed to last.


The matt emulsions are very flat and almost chalky in appearance. The twelve times tougher emulsion formerly called Ultimatt and now called Intelligent Matt is very hard wearing and ideal for kitchens, hall ways and bathrooms and can even be used outdoors.


A hard wearing and very durable Little Greene masonry paint is also kept in stock and can be mixed in a range of colours.


Specialist paints such as white wash, distemper and lead paint can be mixed to order in a range of colours. NB Lead paint can only be supplied on receipt of a copy of the necessary permit.














The Little Greene Company also produces a complimentary range of wallpapers available from our interiors department.


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Many of the colours have been developed in a research partnership with English Heritage to re-create historic colours from our past and produced the Colours of England range, these colours are marked on the cards as Georgian, Regency Victorian, 1930's and 1950's. With every can sold, a donation goes towards the valuable work of English Heritage.