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We value our trade customers and offer reduced prices and trade discounts on many of our trade lines. We offer a monthly account facility to the trade or a simpler “discount at the till” system for our cash account customers.


We maintain a good trade customer base with

both account customers and cash account

customers. Full account customers will have

to supply references etc. where as a cash

customer may call in and start an account

right away. We are always happy to add new

customers to our accounts.


We are highly competitive on our trade prices

especially on paints and plumbing etc.,

and strive to keep our prices at an attractive



The advantage to the account customer is a percentage reduction on most trade items in our shop (percentage details and other “perks”) including paint and sundries, tools, timber, hardware, plumbing, electrical goods, glass and much more.


The full account customer will get a monthly statement (details on monthly accounts) and access to all the trade prices in store.


The cash account customer will get all the trade discounts open to the full account customer when he pays at the till.


We stock a large selection of trade products and in the case of paint for example where a larger quantity might be required, we keep our stock levels higher and constantly toped up to be prepared for demand.


If on becoming an account customer you wish us to stock certain items that you know you shall be requiring in quantity, we are always happy to meet your demands.